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What's New?

Updates from the Teramics Team

1. Teramics has created IP in Ku, K, Ka, Q and V band mmwave power amplifiers. The Ka band GaN MMIC provides 50W of saturated power. The Q band GaN MMIC provides 20W of saturated power. The V band MMIC has a 10W saturated output power. These single MMICs represent the highest power levels in mmwave.

2. Teramics has taped out ultra low noise amplifiers, high linearity mixers, and beam steering front-ends for 5G.

3. Teramics has taped out ultra high speed high speed low power TIA in TowerJazz H5 process

4. Teramics has completed the design of a single 9W GaN MMIC for Q-band (37-40.5 GHz).

5. Teramics has designed a quad 32 Gbit/sec Modulator driver. This SMT package is utilizing SiGe, InP and GaAs MMICs designed by Teramics. The compact design of the MMICs allow a final package with the lowest footprint in the market.

6. Teramics has successfully launched Ka-band high power GaN SSPA with graceful degradation for mission critical applications.

7. Teramics has delivered high efficiency energy harvesting chips for wearable markets. The design in Si CMOS offers excellent RF to DC efficiency and is integrated with an antenna array.

8. Teramics has designed a family of ultra high efficiency linear GaN MMICs for Space applications.

9. Teramics delivers a 20W Single MMIC design with > 35% PAE at 17GHz to a major provider of equipment for Space.

10. Teramics delivers high linearity GaN amplifiers for 4096 QAM point-to-point mmwave applications.Teramics design in Q-band has been successfully launched in Space allowing high bit rate communication links.

11. Teramics delivers a 7W Doherty PA with > 40% PAE at 19GHz at 4dB OBO

12. Teramics has developed compact beam steering ICs with integrated 5-bit phase shifter and attenuator for commercial applications.

13. Teramics has completed the design of several high speed integrated circuits for a major communication network provider. The new designs are in GaAs, InP, and SiGe and demonstrate cutting edge performance.

14. Teramics has completed the design of a quad TIA with outstanding noise floor in InP

15. Teramics has completed a mmwave transmitter array design for beam steering in Dupont’s LTCC.

16. Teramics has launched Ka, Q and V band LNA, Mixers and GaN Power Amplifiers


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