Design Services & Capabilities

pictureTeramics provides turn-key services for high frequency products to 300GHz. Our core competencies lie in the design of mm-wave ICs, surface mount packages, PCBs, Passives and Antennas.









Teramics specializes in a specific set of technology areas and market segments. Teramics focus is in custom MMIC and RFIC design in GaAs, GaN, InP and SiGe processes, high frequency modules, components and sub-systems.

 Packaging & Test


Teramics complements its custom MMIC and RFIC design capabilities with turn-key surface-mount packaging and test services.
Teramics’ focus is on mm-wave packaging (including hermetic), high precision assemblies for space and military and test to 300 GHz.




Teramics offers consulting services to clients evaluating a new technology and/or product. Teramics specializes in compound semiconductor technologies and products in mm-wave and high speed optoelectronics markets.

Design Services

  1. Teramics’ core competency is in design of Integrated circuits and Transceivers from DC to sub-THz such as:
    – Ka, Q, V, E and W-band Transceivers
    – Low noise, Variable gain, distributed, limiting and Power amplifiers
    – Frequency Up and Down Converters, image-reject and balanced, fundamental and
    – Low Phase Noise VCOs
    – Frequency prescalers
    – Frequency multipliers
    – Detectors
    – Variable Attenuators
    – Phase Shifters
    – Switches
    – TIA and Drivers for optical
  2. Simulation tools:
    – Agilent ADS®, Cadence Virtuoso®, Agilent Golden gate®, AWR Microwave office® circuit simulators
    – ANSYS HFSS®, Agilent EMPRO® and Momentum®, CST® and Sonnet® Electromagnetic Field simulators
    – Agilent Spectrasys® system simulator

Design Capabilities

  1. Device Design and Modeling Software
  2. Circuit Design and Simulation Software
  3. System Design and Simulation Software
  4. Planar and 3D EM Simulation



  1. GaAs MESFET, HFET, Phemt, HBT, VPIN
  2. InP HBT, HEMT
  3. GaN HEMT
  4. SiGe BiCMOS
  5. Si CMOS
  6. Surface-Mount Packaging, Overmold, Air-cavity (laminate, Ceramic)
  7. Hermetic packaging to mm-wave frequencies
  8. Passives: Filters, Duplexers, Dividers, Couplers
  9. Antenna
  10. Teramics design team has experience in the development of > 500 custom high frequency MMICs, packages, passives and Antennas from definition to volume production. Teramics can manage the complete supply chain process including foundry relationship, modeling, design, wafer testing, dicing/sorting, mm-wave surface-mount packaging, back-modeling and test.
  11. Teramics works with a number of leading semiconductor foundries including TriQuint Semiconductor®, Northrop Grumman®, IBM®, Jazz®, Sumitomo®, Gree®, GCS® and WIN Semiconductor®.



  1. Teramics offers custom mm-wave surface-mount package designs including test fixture design, R&D and volume production test.
  2. Teramics works with a number of leading packaging firms including Kyocera® and Stratedge®.
  3. Teramics offers packaging and test of customer chips in custom hermetic, overmold, ceramic and air-cavity QFN packages including characterization and test (including test for hermeticity).
  4. Teramics offers ATE hardware and software test development through its strategic partners for high volume as well as low-volume high-mix products.
  5. Teramics offers services in nonlinear modeling, load-pull, noise parameters and X-parameters in collaboration with its strategic partners.









  1. Using a combination of state-of-the art simulation tools and a network of very experienced technical affiliates and consultants, Teramics offers a variety of services:
    – Space qualified turn-key IC design, test and packaging
    – Reliability testing
    – Failure analysis, SEMS, FIB
    – Cost reduction, obsolescence re-designs
    – Market analysis
    – Access to intellectual property
    – Evaluation of and recommendation for technology and product road maps
  2. Teramics’ services support a broad range of products and technologies in RF/Microwave & mm-wave Communications.