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Our Process

Experienced Engineering Specialists

Our expert design team has experience in the development of > 500 custom high frequency MMICs, packages, passives and Antennas from definition to volume production. Teramics can manage the complete supply chain process including foundry relationship, modeling, design, wafer testing, dicing/sorting, mmwave surface-mount packaging, back-modeling and test.
01. Define Specifications & Plan Layout

Our experts will work with you to identify the functional requirements for the project. We pay special attention to the details of design and performance and will recommend the best route to maximize the results of the MMIC development process.

06. Release & Support

We understand the pressure of product release, and thoroughly evaluate each MMIC to ensure first-pass success. We offer documentation and application support pre-release, and continue to offer responsive technical support after release.

05. Package & Test

Applying the correct packaging is essential to get die to package transitions right with first-pass success. We support the design further with testing using a full spectrum of measurement equipment across the development process.

02. Modeling & Simulation

Before manufacturing, we simulate the process and model all variants to ensure we have created the production-ready designs that will meet your expectations of performance and reliability.

03. EM & Thermal Analysis

Our team of experienced engineers goes beyond the simulations and further analyze and interpret performance using advanced electromagnetic techniques and software. Further, we simulate for thermal signatures and optimize MMIC devices for durability.

04. Foundry Selection & Delivery

Teramics has excellent relationships with a number of leading semiconductor foundries. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our data meets foundry specifications and the product matches the process standards and deadlines for streamlined delivery.

Teramics offers consulting services for custom MMIC Design & Development.

Teramics has expertise in a broad range of products and technologies in RF/Microwave & mmwave Communications.

Expert Consultants specialize in compound semiconductor technologies in mmwave and high speed optoelectronics markets and our team is available to manage the full supply chain, from definition to volume production.