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Insights Across Industries

Wireless & Communications

Teramics' expert design team has experience in the development of > 500 custom high frequency MMICs, packages, passives and Antennas from definition to volume production. Our specialization in high-precision assemblies has proven success in wireless backhaul, commercial radar, mmwave point-to-point radio and more

Aerospace & Military

The Teramics Design Team delivers comprehensive solutions for the complex missions and programs in military and aerospace. We work with our clients to create results-driven concepts and deliver products that achieve objectives while satisfying the requirements of size, weight, power, and cost.

Space & Satellites

Facing the new frontier has been rapidly developing, demanding high-level technological performance under exacting conditions. Our MMICs and designs empower space missions and enable satellite communications. Teramics understands the stringent requirements of space equipment functionality and offers a selection of products that meet the meticulous standards of space & communications agencies.

Optical Communication & Data Centers

Teramics offers Optical Modulator Drivers and Transimpedance Amplifiers for high speed (e.g. 64 and 96 Gbaud) applications. Using state of the art SiGe processes, Teramics focuses on > 400 Gbps markets.

Industry & Infrastructure

The cities of tomorrow require massive networks of sensors that generate enormous output data. Teramics understands the full spectrum of processing and automating diverse technologies and provides expertise in supplying the engineering and product development to maximize the efficiency and success of future-driven applications. Our consultants and designers focus on interoperable functionality to translate environmental data and project goals into actionable results.

Scientific Instrumentation

Regulatory compliance and complex R&D challenges require innovative approaches for sophisticated measurement techniques. Teramics offers extensive capabilities in electronic instrumentation and development, integrating design services for research technologies. Our microwave test equipment specialists use highly capable MMICs and modeling software to deliver successful solutions at the rigorous standards of the scientific community.

Innovative Designs for First-Pass Success

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Teramics offers turnkey design and supply services customized to your various size, weight, power, and cost challenges (SWaP-C), throughout your microwave signal chain. 


Our engineers provide personalized solutions


Advanced designs for high frequency products


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