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Cutting-Edge Solutions in mmWave frequency band

We provide comprehensive design & supply services for advanced RF, Microwave, and mmwave integrated circuits, packages, PCB, Antenna, and modules

InP & GaAs Modulator Drivers,

96 Gbaud, SiGe TIA & High Speed A/D Converters 100Gbit/sec SerDes for 400/600/800 Gbps

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Our Mission is Simple

We solve the most challenging mmwave design assignments with innovation and deliver on-time results with first-pass success

Bringing Vision to Reality 

mmwave GaN SSPA and Surface Mount RFIC and MMIC designs from DC to W-band

Comprehensive Space & Military Grade Custom MMIC Design, for the most Stringent Conditions

5G Transceivers

High Frequency, Small Footprint

Antenna designs feed, tracking couplers,

Dichroic subreflectors for X-band,

S-band, and mixed X&S bands


We develop reliable solutions in MMIC & RFIC Design 

Our talented engineers push the boundaries of technical possibility

Custom Solutions for mmwave

We work with world-class clients to meet rigorous specifications. Our custom MMICs are designed to support your full microwave signal chain.

Advanced Capabilities

Teramics uses a combination of state-of-the art simulation tools and a network of very experienced technical affiliates and consultants.

Our Services

Best-in-class tools and technologies

Reliable Design & Delivery

Teramics complements its custom MMIC and RFIC design capabilities with turn-key surface-mount packaging and test services.

Innovating mmwave solutions

Teramics provides one of the best client experiences with Industry-Leading Expertise.

Quality Supply Chain

We use state-of-the art simulation tools and a network of world-class MMIC foundries for product designs that meet stringent military and space qualifications.

Committed to Innovation

Microwave signal chains are rapidly developing, and our expert team applies highly advanced solutions to complex engineering problems. 

Experienced Consultants

Teramics designs have been launched in Space by leading Satellite providers, as well as high-volume commercial clients in wireless communication markets.

Technology Leaders

Teramics provides turn-key services for high frequency products to 300GHz with design of mmwave ICs, surface mount packages, PCBs, Passives and Antennas.

Extensive Resources

Teramics focus is in custom MMIC and RFIC design in GaAs, GaN, InP and SiGe processes, high frequency modules, components and sub-systems.

Top-notch Engineers

Our talented engineers push the boundaries of technical possibility throughout your project’s design and implementation.

Innovative Designs for First-Pass Success

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Our Process

Teramics design team has experience in the development of > 500 custom high frequency MMICs, packages, passives and Antennas from definition to volume production. 

Define Specifications & Plan Layout

Design, Simulation & EM/Thermal Analysis

Foundry Selection, Supply & Delivery

Package, Test, Release, Support

Teramics specializes in custom MMIC and RFIC design in GaAs, GaN, InP and SiGe processes,

high frequency modules, components and sub-systems.

Teramics brings client vision to reality with:

Comprehensive services in mmwave frequency band

Dependable cutting-edge design & delivery

Longstanding relationships with world-class foundries

On-time results and first-pass success

Specializing in a broad range of products and technologies

Teramics offers turnkey design and supply services customized to various size, weight, power, and cost challenges (SWaP-C) throughout your microwave signal chain. 


Expertise in high-performance markets


Advanced designs for quality & reliability


Our engineers provide personalized solutions

What Our Clients Say About Us

We partnered with Teramics to accelerate timelines and drive success at every stage of our already aggressive 5G project lifecycle. Teramics collaborated with us from initial analysis, to design, validation, and application support. Teramics was able to provide experienced engineers with unparalleled expertise in mmwave. Teramics’ flexibility and agility enabled us to shorten time-to-market and exceed our business goals.

Leading 5G Wireless Radio Provider


What Our Clients Say About Us

Teramics is a leading provider of engineering services in mmwave. They were uniquely positioned to meet our needs in high throughput satellite design. Teramics designed highest efficiency GaN mmwave amplifier modules with state-of-the-art linearity. They attended meetings with our customers and vendors, kept everyone informed of progress and helped training our resources. Through their outstanding pool of talent and decades of experience, we met our goals on time and within budget. Teramics’ expertise in mmwave and their commitment to quality, reliability and schedule were key factors in the success of this program.

Leading Satellite Company

VP of Engineering

What Our Clients Say About Us

Teramics is the best engineering company in the U.S. providing end-to-end engineering services from conceptual design to production support in mmwave technologies. Teramics helped us to provide enabling technologies to serve aerospace and defense markets. Teramics partnered with us to deploy the required advanced mmwave technology and high reliability in record speed. Their capabilities to design mmwave systems, circuits and components, fabricate and validate the end solution enabled us to exceed the demanding requirements of the program.

Leading Military & Aerospace Solution Provider


What Our Clients Say About Us

Teramics expertise in high speed TIA and modulator designs helped us shorten our time to market to launch our 400 Gbps solutions for data centers. We had to push the cutting edge of the technology much harder to meet the increasing data rates. Teramics designed best-in-class PAM4 and coherent modulator and TIA solutions for 400G interconnects. Their knowledge of mmwave SiGe processes allowed us to shorten our tape-out cycles. We were able launch our new products on schedule while meeting excellent power efficiency at highest speed available on the market.

Leading Data Center Solution Provider

Program Manager